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AFP Board for 2018

February 3, 2018

At-Large Officers


Chair - Ann Hale, MA, CFRE Ωλ
Chair-Elect - Martha Schumacher, CFRE, ACFRE, MInstF (AdvDip) Ωcλ
Immediate Past Chair - Pat Feeley, MBA, CFRE Ωcλ
Vice Chair, Membership Services - Kevin Foyle, CFRE Ωcλ
Vice Chair, Professional Development - Vivian Ann Smith, CFRE
Vice Chair, External Relations    Michael Delzotti, CFRE Ωcλ
Vice Chair, Resource Development - Brian Bonde, ACFRE Ωλ
Vice Chair, Resource Development – Canada - Roger Ali, MBC, CFRE
Treasurer - David Whitehead
Secretary - Scott Decksheimer, CFRE λ


District Members

At-Large Members

District A - David Madson, ACFRE
District B - Pati Greenwood, CFRE Ωλ
District C - Kathy Short-Rabon, CFRM, CFRE
District D - Melissa Weisse, CFRE
District E - Bret Heinrich, CFRE
District F - Michael Baker, CFRE
District G - Lori Hunter Overmyer, MBA, CFRE
District H - Jon Stettner, MBA, CFRE
District I - Jaye Lopez Van Soest, CFRE λ
District J - Azza Mohamed Koura
District K - Leticia Becerril, MA
District L - Jeremy Wells, CFRE

Birgit Smith Burton
Catherine Connolly, MBA, CFRE λ
D.C. Dreger, ACFRE
Leah Eustace, M.Phil., MInstF, CFRE, ACFRE
R. Scott Fortnum, CFRE, ACFRE, MA
Mark Hefter, JD, CPA, MA, LLM
Rachel Keane-Hutchisson
Alan Hutson, MPA, CFRE  
Anne Marie MacPherson, MBA, CFRE
Ana Luisa Ramirez
Catherine Fynes, CPC Rep


Chair Appointees


Nivisha Mehta


Ex-Officio w/Vote


Mike Geiger, MBA, CPA - President & Chief Executive Officer


Ωcλ Membership in the Champions Circle, Omega Circle and Leadership Society programs of the AFP Foundations for Philanthropy.